We are a brand on a mission to awaken the minds of everyone we can reach to the truth about love, peace, and worldwide tolerance.

We have been enlightened to the fact that people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds can be united under a banner of open mindedness and unconditional acceptance. We LOVE the concept of retro style with its grass roots vibe of unification fueled by music, big dreams, and individuality. We knew tees would be the perfect way to create a positive shift in culture and a great conduit for introducing people to the ideals of acceptance, love, and unity.

Our goal is to provoke positivity and spread love to every corner of the earth.
We have created a line of retro tees available at Earthbound Trading Co. as well as an option to purchase online.  We hope to evoke positive experiences throughout your journey and have faith you will join us in spreading the retro vibe to change the world, one tee at a time!